Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Task D: Formal Introduction Letter

Subject: Self-introduction

Dear Mr Blackstone

I am John Det Zapanta and I am writing to formally introduce myself. I graduated in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) with a diploma in computer engineering; specialised in Network & Security and Cloud Systems. Technology has always been a keen interest on mine and I always look forward to new and innovative techs that come every year. Reading sustainable infrastructure engineering (building services) in university may sound like I have gone off track from my experience and interests but that subject actually sparked my curiosity whilst studying in polytechnic.

In one of the modules I studied, Data Centre Management, we were tasked to research on various ways to run the data centre efficiently and at the same time ensure that the servers in the room run in optimum state. That was where I discovered heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and how network engineers as well as the building services engineers work together to orchestrate a properly working Data centre. The use of sophisticated software to build and design buildings also drew me in. 

In terms of my communication strengths, I was privileged to have taken the role as an auxiliary instructor during my time in national service (NS). There, I was tasked to showcase the various communications equipment to the trainees and demonstrate the proper use of them. Thus, I was able to hone my ability in public speaking during my time there.

Writing poses a great challenge for me. I have difficulty forming proper full sentences but there are also times when I get carried away and eventually go out of point. I think it is because I get distracted too easily and tend to steer away from the topic at hand. 

All in all, enhancing my train of thoughts and the ability to express myself is added in my to-do list for this module! I look forward to more insightful lessons in class.



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